Membranas Estructuradas S.A. de C.V. / bojä3d


1. RIGHTS. All sales are subject to these Service Terms and Conditions, and all rights and responsibilities of all parties will be exclusively determined by them. By accepting a sales quote and/or submitting a purchase order, Customer accepts these as the only valid terms and conditions, and this in no way represents acceptance of any other condition by bojä3d.


2. PRICING. All quoted prices are subject to change without prior notice. For parts quoted in US Dollars that are paid in Pesos, Customer will need to use the official exchange rate as published on the day of transfer/deposit to calculate the correct amount.


3. DELIVERY. Delivery times are estimated and may change according to availability and scheduling of production equipment at the time of order confirmation. bojä3d will not be responsible for delays due to any unforeseen circumstances.


4. SHIPPING. All sales quotes exclude shipping and handling charges unless specifically indicated. bojä3d reserves the right to select a different shipping provider for each order. Once the package is in possession of the shipper, for any delays or claims, Customer should contact the supplier directly for best results.


5. DESIGN. Unless otherwise specified in writing, printing services only include basic adjustments and modifications to any files and/or documents provided by Customer (up to 30 minutes of industrial design work). Any additional modifications that are not the responsibility of bojä3d will be charged separately. Customer is responsible for providing the correct specifications in each file and for the suitability of each part for their specific application. Any printing issues or errors that require a reprint or additional processing of parts, and are not attributable to bojä3d will be charged as new order. Once a sales quote is accepted and/or purchase order is sent, any change or modification to the order are subject to approval by bojä3d and may incur in additional charges.


6. CANCELLATION. Any partial or full cancellation requires prior authorization from bojä3d. Once a part order has entered the production stage, no cancellations are possible under any circumstances and Customer is responsible for full payment. For design services, any cancellation is subject to payment of 100% of design time up until that moment, plus 25% of the remaining time from the original quote to cover administrative and operational costs.


7. PART ADEQUACY. Customer is fully responsible for any use given to manufactured parts and must perform any necessary testing to determine that the parts and materials provided are adequate and sufficient for their end use. bojä3d shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage that may result from the misuse of manufactured parts, Customer design faults, or problems with the selected material.


8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Customer asserts ownership and/or possession of appropriate rights to use any design, part and/or document provided to bojä3d for processing and/or manufacturing during each project. Customer is entirely responsible for any copyright infringement that arises from the unauthorized use of images and designs provided and releases bojä3d from any liability in any such occurrence.


9. PAYMENT TERMS. All products and services must be paid in full before delivery or shipment, except when previously established payment terms have been negotiated and all necessary requirements for credit have been satisfactorily met.